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River Clyde Homes is an affordable housing provider that owns and manages over 6,000 homes and provides factoring services to a further 2,200 customers in the Inverclyde area.

We have grown in recent years and the RCH Group comprises River Clyde Homes and Home Fix Scotland, our repairs and maintenance company. This has enabled us to bring much of our work in-house, carried out by a specialist team. The RCH Group employs 290 members of staff, including 92 specialist trade operatives.

Formed in December 2007 River Clyde Homes is a registered charity, monitored and regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator. Led by a board of 12 members, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and have structures in place to ensure that they have real influence. We also provide more than simple landlord services because we care about the people and the places where we work.


A welcome from Jillian Moffat, Chair of the Board

The past 12 months have continued to be challenging for each and every one of us as we learn to live with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has created uncertainty for many, but the RCH Group has faced the challenges of providing that most fundamental of things for our customers: a place to call home.

The repercussions of what is happening will be felt for a long time to come but we have dealt with each issue as it happened and are now in the position, like all associations across the sector, to provide as normal a service as possible and begin to tackle the works we were unable to complete last year.

This annual report highlights not only how we are performing in relation to other housing associations in Scotland but looks at some of the achievements of River Clyde Homes over the last year.

We are not required to report on all the regulatory statistics as some apply only to local authorities. However we meet with a group of representative tenants each year to discuss performance and publish the indicators that matter most to the group. If you would like to get involved, just let us know. Some of the statistics are collected on a three yearly basis through our customer survey. These are indicated with an asterisk (*).

As always, we welcome your feedback on ‘how we are doing’.


A message from Richard Turnock, Chief Executive

Despite operating under difficult, unprecedented circumstances during the pandemic, the response by everyone at RCH Group has been resolute. Our staff have been unwavering in their desire to deliver continuity of service and I would like to thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding while we manage any service disruption.

Although some challenges remain, I have every confidence that as we transition to a full recovery, we will manage the completion of our new build programme, ensure the ongoing investment in our stock, and continue to help sustain thriving communities across Inverclyde.


Covid 19 - Our response to keeping you safe

Keeping families and vulnerable people safe during the pandemic, was and still is, a priority for the RCH Group.

At the height of the pandemic, we improved the support network available to existing tenants by conducting daily reassurance calls or providing financial advice.

We delivered food parcels and increased the number of available ‘scatter’ (temporary accommodation) flats.

We provided homes to vulnerable homeless individuals, many of whom had underlying health conditions

We were the first social landlord to begin letting homes in Inverclyde as government restrictions eased, allowing this essential service to resume.

Our housing officers adapted quickly to social distancing measures and a contactless process for viewings was quickly and safely put into place to provide customers with support in finding their new home.

We worked within the Government guidelines and completed emergency repairs to homes and we are now working hard to catch up on the routine repairs that were reported during the pandemic.

We successfully secured a further £13,000 in grant funding from Cash for Kids. The funding was used to help households not in receipt of free school meals and £100 was made available per child. This means River Clyde Homes was able to support an incredible 130 children under 18 throughout the community. Read more

Some of our customers were delighted to receive early Christmas presents in December courtesy of the River Clyde Homes’ 12 Day of Christmas campaign that took place on social media. Fantastic gifts, kindly donated by our contractors, were received by 12 lucky customers in the run up to Christmas. The gifts ranged from £100 online shopping vouchers to a Smart TV and were delivered to them safely by our Home Fix Scotland Santa. Read more


Every Customer Happy

River Clyde Homes has always aimed to provide excellent services to all its customers and has a Customer Care policy which outlines these Service Standards. Read more

Overall satisfaction with RCH*

RCH 2020/2021: 89.3%
RCH 2019/2020: 89.3%
SCOTTISH AVERAGE 2020/21: 88.9%

Satisfaction with the way RCH deals with repairs and maintentance*

RCH 2020/2021: 89.2%
RCH 2019/2020: 89.2%


Calls received


Number of complaints received

Average time (working days) to respond in full to Stage 1 complaints

RCH 2020/2021: 7.5
RCH 2019/2020: 5.4

Average time (working days) to respond in full to Stage 2 complaints

RCH 2020/2021: 26
RCH 2019/2020: 18.5

Stage 1 complaints responded to in full

RCH 2020/2021: 98.2%
RCH 2019/2020: 95%

Stage 2 complaints responded to in full

RCH 2020/2021: 97%
RCH 2019/2020: 79.1%


Keeping Customers Well Informed

Over 300 operatives from across River Clyde Homes and Home Fix Scotland will now have basic but vital first aid advice at their fingertips thanks to the St John’s Ambulance app. The leading first aid charity aims to equip people with basic first aid knowledge for those crucial moments when it can make an enormous difference. The first aid app which includes protocols for dealing with emergency situations has been installed across all work phones within RCH Group. Read more


Customers that feel well informed*

RCH 2020/2021: 92%
RCH 2019/2020: 92%


Customer Involvement

The last 18 months have made it very difficult to meet face-to-face with those customers who are involved with our activities via the Senate, our Armchair Critics and other tenants’ groups. But we look forward to seeing you in real life when it is safe to do so.

However, our Senate has continued its sterling work in reviewing our services and making recommendations for improvements. There have been numerous online meetings with the Senate and they recently submitted a report on the information we publish to customers on spending. This has been reviewed and accepted by our Board and you can read the full report here. We thank them, as always, for their work to ensure our customers come first.

They are just about to finalise an investigation on how customers can gain access to assistance from the Financial Wellbeing Team and this will be presented to our Board before Christmas for their consideration.

If you are keen to get involved in our activities you can find out how, by a means that suits you, here.

Customers who are satisfied with their involvement in decisions*

RCH 2020/2021: 86.5%
RCH 2019/2020: 86.5%


Antisocial Behaviour

We recognise the impact that antisocial behaviour can have on our customers which is why we take a swift, proactive and no nonsense approach. We want all of our customers to live in a happy and safe environment where they can enjoy their homes.

In 2020 River Clyde Homes, for the first time, secured two full ASBOs following persistent complaints of antisocial behaviour despite repeated warnings being issued. This underlines our commitment to dealing with antisocial behaviour Read more

Antisocial behaviour cases resolved within locally agreed targets

RCH 2020/2021: 95.2%
RCH 2019/2020: 95%


Reported cases


Number of ASBO’s


Evictions for ASB


Building Communities

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, we have a new funded project at River Clyde Homes, available to both prospective and current tenants. The funding aims to support prospective tenants to gain suitable housing to meet their needs and help new tenants set up their homes and sustain their tenancies. Read more


Homes have been let this year


More And Better Homes

River Clyde Homes is a major developer of much needed new homes in the Inverclyde area. The latest stages of our ambitious development programme are well underway.

Our largest ever development, of 224 homes, is taking shape in Port Glasgow on the site of the former St Stephen’s High School. The first phase is already complete and let to customers.

Work has been completed at our 137 home Greenock waterfront development at James Watt Dock by contractors Cruden Building.

The spacious site, overlooking the iconic Sugar Sheds, has provided much needed modern, energy efficient homes, eight of which are designed for customers with additional housing needs. Read more


Homes built this year


New homes underway


Repairs & Maintenance

Home Fix Scotland, our repairs and maintenance subsidiary, has had a very challenging period due to COVID-19 and the resulting effects. Throughout this period, Home Fix Scotland has been able to continue delivering essential services thanks to the commitment and resilience of the workforce.  During this time, we supported our communities and customers through a variety of voluntary arrangements and individual actions. Home Fix Scotland is now consolidating the works it undertakes to ensure it can drive forward improvements to services and enhance critical operations. 

Investing in our fleet and enhancing the materials they carry on their vans, coupled with a significant push on further developing our staff, particularly in health and safety and being more multi-skilled will result to further improvements for our customers.

You can read more about our repairs and maintenance contractor, Home Fix Scotland here.

Existing customers satisfied with the quality of their home*

RCH 2020/2021: 90.7%
RCH 2019/2020: 90.7%

Repairs completed right first time

RCH 2020/2021: 96.75%
RCH 2019/2020: 97.85%
SCOTTISH AVERAGE 2020/21: 91.5%

Repairs appointments kept

RCH 2020/2021: 95%
RCH 2019/2020: 96%

Time (hours) to complete emergency repairs

RCH 2020/2021: 5.16
RCH 2019/2020: 2.79

Time (days) taken to complete non-emergency repairs

RCH 2020/2021: 4.04
RCH 2019/2020: 6.44

Average time (days) taken to re-let properties in the last year

RCH 2020/2021: 109
RCH 2019/2020: 72



River Clyde Homes is a key community partner in Inverclyde. You can read more about our partnership working here.
Below are details of some new partnerships we have developed recently.

River Clyde Homes has been successful in obtaining a £20,000 grant from the Scottish Government Debt Levy Fund. This funding has enabled the association’s Inclusive Communities Team to provide support to customers with the appointment of a Money and Budgeting Officer. Read more

Our repairs and maintenance contractor, Home Fix Scotland, has developed a strong partnership with the Inverclyde Community Development Trust. This led to them participating in career workshops attended by the Department for Work and Pensions, Action for Children and Skills Development Scotland as well as a large group of interested school leavers. The aim is to help develop skills and training within the Inverclyde community. Read more


Engaged Colleagues

River Clyde Homes has retained gold level accreditation from Investors in People (IIP).  Investors in People is the international standard for people management, defining what it takes to lead, support, and manage people effectively to achieve sustainable results. The award recognises our investment in the development and wellbeing of our people and was the result of a rigorous assessment process by IIP. Read more

Despite the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic the association’s Customer Services Team has continued to keep their arrears figure under target and, instead, their current arrears have recovered to March value. However, the team did not just meet their target of 6.7% arrears. Their performance since the pandemic began until the end of October has resulted in an arrears figure being below this amount, 5.8%. Read more



At River Clyde Homes we know we need to spend every pound of your rent money wisely. By working differently over the last year we have made significant savings that have been invested back into homes. Value For Money is about more than just cutting costs. It connects to social value and community benefits that can improve the lives of our customers and collectively help Inverclyde to flourish.

We are all very aware of how the global pandemic has affected us over the past year and our debt recovery services have been no different. The pandemic has forced us to adapt to new ways of working, with one of the key changes being that our staff are now having to make difficult phone calls to customers about outstanding debts from their home. We have had to adapt our recovery approach in being even more supportive to our customers when it comes to repayment, recognising the fact that they may be facing financial difficulties through redundancy, furlough or indeed losing their home through bankruptcy. The pandemic has seen restrictions put in place for legal recovery which is one of our strongest methods for debt recovery. Despite these challenges, our Sundry Debt Team have been able to recover 97.4% of all sums due from non-tenant customers, in real terms equating to collecting more than £1m. Read more


Amount of rent collected


Savings made by new procurement contracts


VFM Efficiencies achieved


Customers with no rent arrears

How we spend your money per pound (£)

Regeneration Investment demolitions and major repairs

Staff Costs

Other running costs

Reactive maintenance costs

Interest paid


Rent increase (2019 / 2020)

Tenants who feel the rent for their property is good value for money*

RCH 2020/2021: 86.4%
RCH 2019/2020: 86.4%

Homes meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

RCH 2020/2021: 67.5%
RCH 2019/2020: 79.26%

Size of Home Number Owned Your Landlord Scottish Average Difference
1 Apartment 122 £80.50 £73.61 8.56%
2 Apartments 1570 £88.62 £79.48 10.31%
3 Apartments 2633 £92.79 £82.60 10.98%
4 Apartments 1368 £99.17 £89.81 9.44%
5 Apartments 134 £107.26 £99.97 6.80%

Improving our performance

There are two areas that we will focus on in the coming year to improve our performance.

Homes meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard

Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, additional investment to improve housing conditions will be delivered in the coming year including more roof replacements and installation of new central heating systems.

Average time taken to re-let properties

More resources will be put into repairing properties faster and offering further incentives to attract new customers.


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